Lash Stylist Basic Training – Volume

Classic Lashes Volume Training

Looking for a serious career move? We can definitely help you!

We offer the ultimate career training with ”Look by Linn International Lash Stylist Education”.
With this training we offer the Volume Lash method with hand made fans.
After completed training and exam you will be awarded with the international Lash Stylist Certificate from Look by Linn Malta.

Look by Linn is the biggest Lash Stylist School in Sweden and is now represented in both Finland and Malta.
Apart from this training we also offer advanced classes in both Advanced Classic lashes, Advanced Volume, Colouring sets and Designs.

Duration: 2 days plus certification
Course fee:  950 Euro, Starting kit and training manual is included.
Admission fee: 150 Euro, to be payed when you are signing up for the training. The remaining sum of 800 euro is to be payed two weeks, at the latest, before training starts.
Agenda:  Training days are between 9 am to 6 pm for two days.
After completion of the course you will go home and practice on your own for 2-4 months.

During home practice you will regularly send in photos and videos on your lash sets. We are happy to help and will support you all the way during your practice period.

When your sets are approved of we will book your examination date and you will be doing both a written and practical exam. After completed and approved examination you will receive Look by Linn´s international Lash Stylist Certificate.