Malta courses in English

Are you in for a career move?

Or maybe spice up your old habits and get some new insights?
In that case – Join us in a class with Master Trainer Asa in sunny Malta!

We provide training for beginners and advanced intermediate training.
With the basic Lash Stylist Training you will be able to start working basically right after completed course.
After a period of intense practice you will come back to complete the exam to get your Lash Stylist Certificate!

We also offer guest appearances and work shops with professional trainers from Sweden and other countries.
Keep a look out for our upcoming events!

Trainings are tax deductable and VAT- free within the EU (for EU membership nationalities).

If you are non residential and travelling to Malta we can offer accomodation close to the venue in the course fee.

  • Training course
  • Starting kit for 40 treatments

Please note: Travel to and from Malta is not included in the package. We can however help you with your booking should you need assistance.

Prices are due to chosen course, basic or intermediate. For more information regarding price we refer to the specific course in the menu above.

We offer following classes in Malta:

Lash Stylist Certification, Basic training:
Classic Lashes and Volume Basic, 3 + 1 day in Malta
Classic Lashes stand alone 2 + 1 day in Malta
Volume Lashes stand alone 2 + 1 day in Malta

Intermediate trainings:
Advanced Classic Training/Come on Over, 1 day
Advanced Volume Class, 1 day
Lash Design Workshop
Brow Styling with wax and tweezer
Lash lifting (permanent curling of lashes)

Certificates are issued after completed training and exam.
Classes are conducted in English.


Look by Linn Malta

Master Trainer:  Åsa Wollertsen


Telephone number Malta: +356 77 022 371

Telephone number Sweden: +46 70 775 70 52

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We are looking forward to helping you become a great Lash Artist!

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